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Ganote & Company, Inc. (GCI) is a leading national consulting and software development firm. Since 1996 we have been dedicated to helping senior management solve complex business problems, increase revenue, and dramatically improve customer relations.

Imagination.  Energy.  Resolve.  We will use innovative, non-traditional techniques,  focused effort, the latest technologies, and determination to enable business owners and top-level executives to maximize productivity and performance.  The bottom line is to grow our client's margins and market share to create a competitive advantage.

Our management team averages 21+ years of business/technical experience per person.  We have literally saved and created tens of millions of dollars in value for our clients.   We never stop asking: "How can we do more to help our clients?"

Check out how Ganote & Company, Inc. is leading now!

GCI is dedicated to working closely with clients and partners to provide best-in-class solutions that produce a great ROI.  Typically, these are mission critical and highly technical.  We also seek out the most challenging/interesting projects that others simply cannot take on.

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