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John Ganote

CEO / President

Mr. Ganote is Chief Executive Officer, Managing Member and founder of Ganote & Company, an enterprise solutions firm.  He is active as an inventor, investment principal, mentor, and project advisor.  John is experienced in starting new businesses, developing and implementing their strategic and operating plans, and in obtaining the necessary financing.

In addition to leading and managing GCI on a daily basis, John has been instrumental on delivering large multi-million $ projects for Fortune 500 companies such as:  Akzo-Nobel, AT&T, and Tricon.  John has also successfully completed projects for smaller organizations such as KYK Marketing & Promotions, University of Louisville, etc.

John is an active investor.  He has been engaged in the software solutions industry as a principal and senior executive for the majority of his business career (since 1982).  His practical experience spans many different industries including financial and business services, distribution, manufacturing and education.

John holds a Master of Engineering Degree with specialization in Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Louisville, Speed Scientific School.

Suzanne Ramsey Ganote

Chief Software Architect

Suzanne has more than 16 years of development and deployment
experience on many multi-tiered applications for organizations of
all sizes.  She is very adept at solving complex client problems with the latest development technologies (Active Server Pages, HTML, XML, Java Script, VB Script, Crystal Reports, Remote Automation, DCOM, SAP integration, etc.).  Suzanne performs as the lead strategic project advisor for converting existing programs to Web based applications and centralizing databases. In addition, she continues to assist in the development of these applications and maintenance of existing PC based applications and databases as part of extensive software upgrades for Akzo-Nobel - a $27B corporation.  Also to her credit, Suzanne has over 3 years of experience with developing several major
real-time warehouse automation systems.  Suzanne holds a Master of Engineering Degree with specialization in Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science from University of Louisville, Speed Scientific School.

Pat McIntyre

Chief Operating Officer

Pat has over 20 years of IT experience in providing enterprise-wide solutions for a wide variety of national and international corporations.  He has intimate knowledge of Internet and networked solutions.  With practical experience in Web solutions for businesses, major database back-ends, real-time reporting, Pat can manage and implement a wide variety of enterprise solutions.  He has experience with companies in the Manufacturing, Banking, Retail, Distribution and Service industries.  In the past, Pat has developed solutions for Akzo-Nobel, Brown-Forman, Ford Motor Company, Kroger, National City Bank, and PNC Bank.  In addition, he also is helping GCI expand its operations by creating a marketing / partner infrastructure, and opening new business relationships.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with specialization in Engineering Mathematics and
Computer Science from the University of Louisville, Speed Scientific School.

Bill Mitchell

Vice President, Product Management

Mr. Mitchell has more than 18 years experience in Information Systems development.  He has participated in all phases of project development including management, leadership, analysis, general and detail design, coding, testing, and systems implementation.  He has the ability to cost-effectively manage projects that are both on time and on budget which streamline business processes.  Bill has worked in various business environments, including Direct Sales, Package Handling, Benefits, Healthcare, Publishing, Insurance, Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing.  He has successfully completed
projects for: General Electric, Kindred Healthcare, New Image International, Phycor, Providian, Publisher's Press, UPS, and the US Navy. His strengths include excellent management, leadership, analytical, organizational, and communication skills, as well as the ability to work well with all levels of users and management.  His development experience includes, but is not limited to, the following:  ASP, HTML, Javascript, VB Script, Visual Basic, SQL, Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks, FrontPage, and NetObjects Fusion.  Bill supervised and developed new capabilities for the following Web sites:

Bill holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Wake Forest University and enjoys playing golf.

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