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Is there an easy way to get started with the GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules? Top
Yes.  Typically, if GCI is hosting the system, it can be installed and configured within days of your approval.  If your organization or a third-party will host the solution, it may require a few extra days and will need to be scheduled.  In addition, GCI can provide training and has full documentation to help you quickly and easily get started.
How do I make sure I am on the most current version? Top
That's one of the great benefits of using our browser-based application - we can update it for you.  With our Maintenance plan, you always have access the latest version of GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules.  If you are on the plan, as third-party enhancements are made or there are major new releases, you get them automatically – no upgrade requirement problems.  So you never have time-consuming and costly upgrades, and you never have to worry about installing or maintaining your software.  Please note that all upgrades are optional.  However, if one or more are bypassed, and a subsequent one is wanted, the client may be billed for the changes required to make the upgrade work.
Once I start using the GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules, can I download my data out of the system if I choose to? Top
Yes.  With GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules, you can export your data into multiple file formats (including Word, Rich Text Format [RTF], Excel, PDF, and Crystal Reports) at anytime for import into another program if you choose.  Note that the GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules has many unique features like employee Project Management capability and a many Contact Manager options, so if you use those features, other products may not have the functionality to import all of your data.
Does the system allow for automatic credit card processing? Top
Yes.  GCI has integrated both VeriSign and functionality to enable you to accept customer payments via credit card from within your merchant account.  The credit card charges take place directly over the Internet and in real-time.  The transactions have immediate accounting impact on your books, and the proceeds get deposited directly into your company’s existing bank account.
Can other applications link directly into the GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules? Top
Yes.  The GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules support integration with most any other system using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connections.  ODBC is an open industry standard for integrating connections between programs.  In addition, the system is built on top of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 which can be easily integrated to and is supported by hundreds of third-party products.
Is my data safe with GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules? Top
With GCI's eBusiness Framework & Modules, your data is much more safe than it would ever be on an unsecured desktop in your office.  The GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules utilizes its own built in security plus the built in security from SQL Server 2000 - Microsoft's enterprise database platform With GCI's security, all Modules, menus, reports, screens, and functionality are controlled by the client and are only accessible to the user with a secure Login ID and Password.  In addition, the Microsoft SQL Server database gives you the power of a professionally managed and continuously backed-up bunker-like data center.

As an optional third layer, GCI can add a two-factor user authentication solution, relied upon by thousands of organizations worldwide to protect valuable applications.  This authenticator functions like an ATM card for your system, requiring users to identify themselves with two unique factors — something they know and something they have — before they are granted access.  Please contact us to learn more about this layer of protection.

Is my data private with GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules? Top
Your business information is perhaps your most important asset, and we safeguard your privacy with utmost vigilance.  Our privacy policy is extremely thorough, yet easy for us to communicate: under no circumstances will we or anyone else ever access your data without your expressed permission.  Simply stated, we do not share your data with anyone, ever.  For our complete privacy policy, click here.
How do I get support? Top
There are three options:
  • Go online and click on our "Support" button (this requires that you have a current Maintenance agreement and valid Login ID and Password).
  • Call us during normal business hours at:  502 . 477 . 2700
  • Contact your internal resources or one of our local partners - we will work closely with them to help support your enterprise

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