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How we Accomplish our Mission

From working with forward-thinking, world-class organizations, we know that each company has unique needs.  Before crafting any solution, wouldn't it be nice if someone simply listened to you as a client?  Doesn't someone need to develop a deep understanding about the issues facing the organization before proposing anything? 

GCI listens.  We have project leaders who can facilitate the process and will ask questions such as:

  • How can your organization become more digitally competitive?

  • If automated, which area(s) would provide the greatest return on investment (ROI)?

  • How do Web economics change your business model?

  • Does it make sense to become an e-Business?

  • As the Web goes wireless, where and how will your customers want to buy from you?

Next, we develop detailed specifications which describe all aspects of a client's needs.  If required, we can also provide industry-specific research and competitive insights.  We then create systems that deliver a positive ROI and positive impact for the organization.  Finally, if the solution has a customer-facing component, we help them promote it to their clients. Long-lasting results are accomplished through GCI's professional services, established products, support, and strategic partners if required.

In the past, our experienced team members have served many leading small and multi-million to multi-billion dollar private and public sector organizations.  The following list is a small sample (some projects were accomplished before they joined GCI):

  • Akzo-Nobel

  • Aperture

  • AT&T

  • Brown-Forman Corporation

  • Circuit City

  • Elk Creek Realty

  • Ford Motor Company

  • Full Circle Registry

  • General Electric

  • Kids Voting - Louisville Jefferson County

  • Kindred Healthcare

  • Kroger

  • KYK Marketing & Promotions

  • McDonald's

  • Medical Claim Relief

  • Montgomery Ohio

  • National City Bank

  • Navistar

  • Nestle Foods

  • New Image International

  • PNC Bank

  • Providian

  • Publisher's Press Printing

  • Rail, Barge, Truck Services

  • Toyota

  • Tricon

  • Trinity Buildings

  • University of Louisville

  • UPS

  • UPS Teamsters

  • Wagner Electic

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