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Project Management

This module allows users to maintain projects, and project tasks. Assign developer resources, managers, and sales people to projects for commission purposes. It allows projects to be tied to the contact manager to tie the project to the actual customer. There is a time entry piece that allows the developers to enter their time and assess it to the appropriate projects. Pay reports can be generated from this data as well as invoices. Ganote & Company uses this product internally on a daily basis in production

Knowledge/ Document Management

For "learning organizations", GCI created a knowledge / document management system. Important Press Releases, HR forms, Policies and Procedures, Vacation Schedules, Financial Reports, Favorite Links, etc. are maintained for the entire operation. KDM allows administrators the ability to create their own categories of information, and upload these important documents (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Adobe PDF, Movie, images, etc.) to a central server. These documents can only be accessed by end-users who have the right to view these documents.

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