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Physical Inventory

This is a system used for taking a physical inventory in the actual warehouse. Tags are distributed to inventory personnel who go out into the warehouse a take a count of what is actually there. Entry personnel use the web based inventory entry program to type the data into the system. Many reports are generated from this system using Crystal reports web engine. This reports validate against what SAP believes should be the actual quantity on hand. When the counts are all verified and the inventory taking process completed, the results are uploaded back into SAP. This module has been in productions for 4 years and is used by many plants. This is probably the most widely use piece we have written.


This module allows our clients to self-maintain and categorize their inventory items through a simple web browser. It supports multiple images and prices per item based upon price break classes. It also has functionality to mass create inventory items, has versatile searching capabilities, and supports UPC codes for scanning purposes.

Label Printing

This module was designed to produce various size and format labels from various thermal printers including the Zebra printers. It is a multi-lingual product designed to print labels in English, Spanish, and French Canadian and can support other languages if the translations are provided. It produces labels for small cans as well as for large drums. It can print graphic symbols, barcodes, and text in any orientation. This application has been used in production for several years now by multiple plants.

Formula Costing

This module is used to play what if games with chemical formulations. It allows the user to vary chemical make up of a chemical formula and assign new prices to various chemical raw materials and determine what the new cost of the finished chemical formula would be. It also has some built in unit of measure conversion.

Lab System Add-int

This module is a web based add-on module to the Optiva Lab package (for the chemical industry).

Line Item Replacement

This module allows you to replace an ingredient with up to 5 other ingredients for all formulas which have that specific ingredient. The user can view/print a listing of all affected formulas before performing the replacement.

Material Safety Data Sheet

This package produces similar data to the label system. It also is multi-lingual. It produces material safety data sheet reports listing known hazards for a specific chemical formula and describing the make up of what goes into that chemical formula. This product produces reports in English, Spanish, French Canadian and can support other languages if the translations are provided. This application has been used in production for several years now by multiple plants. It helped Ganote's customer to lock in $5 million worth of business in Chile.

Material Transfer

This module has screens which allow you to set configuration options and plant-specific data for the Material Transfer program. The Material Transfer program simply copies information between a Lab system to SAP, from a Lab system to a HP3000, and from the Lab system to the Quality Control system.

Hold Codes

This module allows the users to put chemical formulas on hold for varying reasons. This prevents the chemist from releasing this formula until the hold is removed by someone with authority to do so.

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