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    Mobile Solutions

Years ago, our clients told us they wanted to run their business on a platform that allowed them to:

  • be free to work from anywhere, at anytime;
  • quickly update the system to their unique needs;
  • link remote locations, employees, customers, and partners;
  • securely manage who saw what; and
  • reduce the hassles of lugging a heavy laptop everywhere.
We were happy to oblige. The Framework and Modules were built from the ground up to run anytime, anywhere.

The computing devices of the future are available, right now.  These units can be used right out of the box like any notebook computer.  No need to relearn anything!  As a Tablet you will start using your wirelessly connected computer in situations, ways and places you never even imagined possible.  Anytime, anywhere, any way you like.

Our clients are using our products with these devices to:

  • communicate in real-time directly with their field personnel;
  • improve record keeping;
  • make sure information is readily available when and where they need it;
  • eliminate paper forms;
  • speed up the information stream;
  • save time and money; and
  • reduce data entry errors.

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