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In today's fast changing business world, no organization can succeed alone.  That's why it's important to establish strategic partnerships that provide a competitive edge.  Ganote & Company gives that edge to organizations worldwide---offering each client an opportunity to tap into the most successful partner program in the software solution's industry.  Our program is successful because we provide each partner with superior business opportunities, marketing support, incentives, special offers, education, productivity tools, online assistance, and alliances.

The opportunity to provide solutions and services to small, medium, and large businesses is greater than ever before. Ganote & Company is pleased to announce that you can now become a partner for our Products and Services to help you capitalize on this opportunity. We invite you to become part of the future and take advantage of the superior business possibilities we have to offer.

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions on our form. We will then contact you with partner program details and instructions.  This information will be held as confidential within the Ganote & Company organization.

Strategic Alliances

Crystal Reports - Once the data is collected, owners and their top-level managers needed a powerful tool to deliver solid "information" to make insightful decisions.  GCI utilizes the Crystal Report engine to deliver that information via the browser in a variety of formats:

  • standard reports (lists by groupings)
  • pie, line, and bar charts
  • exports (to Word, Excel, PDF, Rich Text, and Crystal file formats)

Microsoft - In 1997, we saw the Internet as a business revolution.  One which would give those who harnessed the potential an incredible edge.  In order for the GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules to provide that reality, we needed 3 critical components:

  • an ideal set of development tools (Visual Interdev, Visual Basic, Visual C++),
  • a solid Web server platform (Windows 2000 Advanced Server), and
  • a robust database for line-of-business and full E-Commerce applications (SQL Server 2000)

We selected Microsoft as our standard for all 3 to deliver enhanced manageability, reliability, availability, and scalability.

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