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Quality Control

This module is geared toward the chemical industry although it could easily be adapted to other types of business. It maintains information about standards for batches, and allows the user to enter new batches and evaluate them against the standards. It also allows administrative users to allocate which tests will be done against which products and sets the standards for those tests. It has interfaces to SAP to allow the plant to download its daily scheduled workloads. It has been used in production on a daily basis for many years.

Order Entry

This is a very sophisticated web based order entry system that allows for very specialized searching for items and ordering. It has ties to pull mailing/billing information from the Contact Manager module. It accepts credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc). It determines prices based upon the price breaks set for the items. This logic can be customized if necessary.

Warehouse Control

This module allows the user to create batches of customer orders for fulfillment. It allows the users to designate order line items as picked, pack, shipped, etc. It prints purchase orders, packing lists, and shipping labels. It has optional wireless bar code scanning that can be implemented for more accurately tracking order line items through the fulfillment processes. It has ties to the accounting system so that accounting transactions are automatically generated when items are shipped.

Customer Sales

This module is designed specifically to perform a mapping between the SAP Product (sales number) and the Lab package formula number for each customer.

Central Purchasing

For organizations which have purchased raw materials for multiple locations, the Central Purchasing module is a must have addition. It imports all receipts and compares pricing to ensure that suppliers aren't over-charging in one location. CP users are immediately made aware of any discrepancies between prices, which are more than a pre-determined % from another location.

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