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Flexibility.  Many times an off-the-shelf product just won't work for an organization.  In those cases, GCI can install our base products and modify them, as required, into a unique, self-manageable and dynamic system that exactly fits the needs of the enterprise.  This is done to streamline your operation and maximize your company's profits.

Our solutions "net" the entire value chain:  from product conception and creation, all the way through manufacturing and production, distribution, and ultimately consumption.  Please note, however, this eBusiness Framework architecture was designed in 1997 to work in any industry including:

  • Distribution

  • Education

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • Service

Together we can use this powerful, open technology to generate multi-faceted functionality for your internal users, customers, and partners.  These eBusiness Solutions also offer many cost savings and advanced features including:

  • minimal hardware requirements;

  • reduced support and training needs;

  • built-in user and system-level security options;

  • client control over all maintenance screens;

  • secure online ordering;

  • shopping carts;

  • real-time shipping rate lookup and tracking;

  • complete order to fulfillment management;

  • approval processes and workflow management;

  • integration with the latest technologies and existing databases;

  • dynamic reporting; and

  • much more...

Our team looks forward to putting together the most cost-effective solution for you based on your individual company needs.

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