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What is the GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules? Top
GCI's eBusiness Framework & Modules are analogous to a high-powered engine plus add-on components which make it very easy to manage both internal and external functions of your business.  This includes Accounting, Web site and Web store, Customer and Supplier relationships, Order Processing, Inventory, Production, Time & Billing, Expense Reporting, Central Purchasing and much more.  And since it was designed from the ground up as one integrated system, information instantly and automatically flows between all areas of the product.  With this system you can say goodbye to paper, separate islands of data, out of date information and errors caused by duplicate data entry.  Also, because it is a browser-based application, at your discretion, you can access it from anywhere at anytime.
Why does an integrated application make a business more efficient? Top
To remain competitive, enterprises buy various programs to automate parts of their operation.  When your business has many different applications, you can't avoid the frustration of re-entering data into different programs, or settling for incomplete or out of date information.  GCI's eBusiness Framework & Modules were designed as one application, with all your business components completely integrated for maximum efficiency.  So you'll spend less time moving data between different applications and more time running your business, servicing current clients, and pursuing new clients.
Why is it a browser-based application? Top
In 1997, GCI decided to take full advantage of both internal networks (Intranets) and the Internet to give owners and their companies the tools and information they need to compete most effectively.  With a browser-based system, you have a universally accessible platform for you and your company to run your business anywhere, at anytime with unlimited users, if required, and with complete flexibility to grow your enterprise.

For instance, Customers can:

  • enter their own orders directly,
  • securely pay invoices online, and
  • check on the status of orders or their purchase history from anywhere

Employees can:

  • enter their time on specific projects,
  • track orders throughout the operation, and
  • submit purchase requests or expense reports from home or the road

Managers can:

  • run top-level reports to help them manage more effectively,
  • sign off on orders or other mission-critical items before further processing, and
  • log on to view their department's current operating status - even if they are out of the country

Leveraging the Internet, we have created one seamlessly integrated application that is extremely easy-to-use giving you Fortune 500 power at a very affordable price.

What do I need to run the GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules? Top
To use the eBusiness Framework & Modules, all you need is access to a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and possibly the Internet depending upon your setup.  So if you have a computer with network connection and a browser, you have everything you need to run the eBusiness Framework & Modules.  GCI's eBusiness Framework & Modules works on computers running Microsoft Windows and 5.0+ versions of Microsoft Explorer (this can be downloaded for Free at:  Some Modules are designed to also work under Netscape Navigator (versions 5.0+).
How can this be setup?  Where is it hosted? Top
Clients want options.  We give them 3 choices for their individual system:
  • GCI can host it
  • The client can host it at their location
  • It can be installed at a third-party hosting center

Each option has its own benefits and costs.  GCI will explore each option with you before installing anything.

What if I need a new Module or functionality that isn't currently available? Top
Flexibility X 3.  Ganote & Company wanted to give customers as many options as possible so that they can control their own destiny.  GCI works with its partners to create new Modules and functionality for clients.  Optionally, since we are using industry-standard programming languages and tools (based on Microsoft technologies), organizations can also be trained how to make the changes for themselves if they desire.
What is the investment required to run the GCI system? Top
The required investment to run GCI's system will vary depending upon the following factors:

  • number of Module licenses
  • number of end-user licenses
And if required:
  • hosting fees
  • modifications
  • GCI and partner support
  • additional hardware and software
  • maintenance / service level agreement (SLA)

Depending upon the size of your operation, the ROI can be significant.  It can be compared to the tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars you currently spend and the resource time wasted currently trying to make your business processes work using older technologies.  Let's talk and you'll see why the GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules are not only a business revolution, but an extremely affordable one at that.

Can I license individual components of the eBusiness Framework & Modules separately? Top
Yes, in some cases.  The power of GCI's eBusiness Framework & Modules comes from the fact that it is one integrated application, and the component features are all seamless.  Thus, in most cases, they were not designed to operate independently from one another.  However, from the beginning, GCI wanted to make sure that all client needs were met.  Therefore, a customer can license just the base eBusiness Framework and Administrative Module.  From there, they can add one or more Modules to tackle a specific set of tasks.  Please contact Ganote & Company to discuss your needs and the available options.
What type of organizations should use the eBusiness Framework & Modules? Top
GCI's eBusiness Framework & Modules were designed to scale from small, medium-sized and/or large growing entities with 10 to thousands of employees.  It works exceptionally well for both product-based companies and service-based companies. GCI eBusiness Framework & Modules is ideal for businesses who want to have the flexibility to work from anywhere, have multiple locations, or who want access to information whether they are in the office or out with a customer.  Companies across the entire spectrum of business, from consulting firms to manufacturing businesses, from distribution organizations to governments, have already embraced our eBusiness Framework & Modules to run their entire enterprise more efficiently.

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