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Privacy Notice

It is our goal to make your visit to as enjoyable as possible.  We also respect your privacy and will protect that privacy for all our visitors.  To that end, we have established several rules to make you feel secure and comfortable when visiting our site.


When you visit our site, you do so anonymously.  We may, however, gather information on the length of your stay, the pages you view, and your movement patterns through the site.  We collect this information solely for our internal use and to share with our business partners.  The ultimate goal for collecting this information is to make the site better and, in turn, make it a more enjoyable experience for you and all our visitors.

There are areas of our site in which we will ask for personal information from you. This is absolutely voluntary on your part.  We use the information you provide to send you brochures, allow you access to certain areas of the site, establish E-mail contact with you, and process your requests.  We may use this information within Ganote & Company and with our business partners, but we will not sell or give this information to others.

Cookies and Hypertext Links

We use cookies and hypertext links throughout to improve the quality of your visit to our site.  You can always choose to turn off the cookies' functionality within your browser, but it may detract from the quality of your visit to (with cookies turned off, you may, for example, be asked to register several times to access similar areas of our site).  Cookies can be thought of as "memory seats" that reside on your computer.  They do not give us any personal information about you.  Basically, they serve as reminders for our site as to areas that you have already visited so you don't have to fill out another form to access information.  We also provide hypertext links to sites of our business partners and other relevant sites.  We are not responsible for the content and experience you may encounter on these sites.

Ganote & Company also provides links to other sites we believe may be of interest to you.  These sites are provided as a convenience and are beyond our control.  You are advised to check the privacy policies of those sites before providing your personal information to them.

The data we collect and how we use it

Ganote & Company collects information from users for the following purposes:

To engage in transactions or communications.  Name, address, E-mail, purchase details, and credit card/payment information may be collected and stored as part of the transaction history.  The majority of the information collected under this category is business contact information.  Ganote & Company may need to share some of this information (address, payment) with delivery services, credit card clearing houses and other similarly situated third parties that are required to accomplish the transaction.

To provide future service and support.  Information collected for this purpose is both contact information and information related to products and service/support requested. This information is also used to provide service, product update, and similar notices.

As a result of product download.  Users who download products under trial licenses and purchasers of products will be contacted to confirm they did not experience problems in the download process and will also be alerted at the end of the license period.  These communications are not subject to the general opt-out of marketing notices.

To select content.  Information may be collected to help create Web site content and navigation that is most relevant and user friendly.  This includes information collected as a result of site navigation as well as information provided in forms.

To respond to user inquiries and requests for information.  This information includes registrations for newsletters and specific requests for further information.

To provide various Ganote & Company communities, such as partners, with relevant product alerts and updates.  These updates are related to product releases, prices, terms and special offers.  These updates are only sent out as a result of the customer signing up for the relevant program or online account.

To better tailor marketing to user needs.  We may use information from purchases and requirements to provide you with timely and pertinent notices of product releases and service developments that address your needs and requirements.  Marketing notices are subject to the general opt-out elections.

To better respond to requests for service or quotes for product and equipment purchase.  Ganote & Company will pass contact information to the appropriate Ganote & Company sales person, distributor or consultant for follow-up related to your request.  Ganote & Company may also ask if you wish to have your contact information shared with other selected partners that offer complementary products or services related to your inquiry.  If you agree, information is provided to those partners for purpose of responding to your request for service or information.  Please review the privacy policy of the specific partner regarding any further interactions with them.

To provide information on educational events or relevant partner products.  We occasionally co-sponsor events with partners that provide services of potential benefit to Ganote & Company users.  We may provide information on such events and services to users that have provided information indicating interest in the subject matter or service.  To help assure respect of your information, we maintain control of the information or limit the use of the information by these partners.

To power joint sales or product promotions.  Ganote & Company and its partners may engage in joint events or provide bundled products.  Such promotions will always reference the partners.  Both Ganote & Company and the partner(s) will have access to that information.  While we carefully choose our partners, privacy is a very subjective concern and we advise you to review the privacy policies of these partners.

As a result of your participation in interactive discussions and public forums.  There are parts of the Web site that permit users to participate in interactive discussions.  Some of these are moderated; all are subject to access for technical reasons.  Ganote & Company does not control the content that users post and some may serve as public discussion forum.  As in all interactive forums open to many users, you should carefully consider whether you wish to submit personally identifiable information.

As a result of your use of hosted applications/services.  Some Ganote & Company customers may enter information on their employees, vendors, or customers using various hosted services including the Ganote & Company eBusiness Framework that we host and for which we provide application and systems management.  As a result of this hosted systems relationship, Ganote & Company may process some of this information, but does not control the information collection or use practices related to this information.  Ganote & Company merely provides the relevant hosting or application management and support services related to storage of the information.  Ganote & Company makes no independent use of the information outside of what is needed to provide the hosting service, applications management, and support or to complete specific actions requested by the customer.

To address performance and fix issues.  On occasion, patches and other fixes to software, such as security patches addressing newly discovered vulnerabilities, are developed by Ganote & Company.  We may communicate the availability of these patches or fixes to registered licensees of software and parties who have identified themselves to us as users or developers.  These communications will not contain marketing messages and will not be subject to general opt-out elections, due to the potential importance of these patches and fixes.

As a result of legal requirements.  Ganote & Company may be required to provide personally identifiable information to comply with legally mandated reporting, disclosure or other legal process requirements.

E-mail lists

We provide you with opportunities to subscribe to E-mail lists.  This is purely voluntary on your part and, we will only use your registration information to provide you with related information in which you may be interested.  We will not give or sell this E-mail list to anyone outside of Ganote & Company or our business partners.  If you want to be removed from our mailing list, please send an E-mail to

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy when our business policy requires that we do so.  Thank you and enjoy your visit to

Policy Updates

If we are going to use your personally identifiable information in a manner different from that stated at the time of collection we will notify you via E-mail. You will have a choice as to whether or not we use your information in this different manner.  In addition, if we make any material changes in our privacy practices that do not affect user information already stored in our database, we will post a prominent notice on our Web site notifying users of the change.  In some cases where we post the notice we will also E-mail users, who have opted to receive communications from us, notifying them of the changes in our privacy practices

We may update this policy from time to time to describe how new site features affect our use of your information and to let you know of new control and preference features that we provide you.  To subscribe or unsubscribe to changes in this policy, send an E-mail to you will be updated by E-mail on changes in the privacy policy.

We appreciate your comments on Ganote & Company's privacy practices:

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